Ecological Principles - Amylco Corporate Group.

Ecological Principles

Amylco places a great emphasis on the wellbeing of the environment. First and foremost, we value the life and health of fellow human beings over short term gains and economic expedience. As part of our ethical and environmental policy, we fully comply with all regulations, especially in regards to preservation and proper treatment of the environment. The company ensures that every employee understands and fully appreciates the importance of their responsibilities to themselves and to everyone else. Thus, we take every measure to ensure everyone’s safety – that there be no accidents, and no ecological problems. To this end, we are constantly developing and refining our systems designed to prevent any kind of issues. During every stage of production we adopt a delicate approach, giving highest preference to using those resources that produce minimal waste. We strive to keep our energy and natural resources expenditure low, as we understand the importance of prudent resource usage for the benefit of future generations. We believe that in a responsible society, everyone must do their part to work responsibly for a better future. As  stewards  of  our  environment,  we  must  do  everything  we  can  to  ensure that  our  home  is  treated  well, and  with  respect.