Our History - Amylco Corporate Group.

Our History

Amylco LLC is officially created on September 17th.
The month of August saw the construction of a modernized complex for the deep refining of corn into quality glucose and maltose syrups in Millerovo, Rostov region.
The plant was commissioned on the 21st of October, releasing its first product on the very same day. Amylco takes part in the international conference of grain refiners – “Grain-tech 2009”.
The company masters a new method of development aimed at improving plant capacity. Amylco expands its product repertoire – it now offers starch products as well as high-protein animal fodders.
The company takes part in the VIII international conference “Confectioneries of the XXI Century”. Amylco’s syrups were recognized as the most demanded and the highest quality syrups in the Russian market. A new system of quality control is introduced. Amylco is awarded a certificate stating that its produce conforms to regional and international standards – GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and ISO 9001:2008.
Further modernization of the plant takes place. Amylco installs additional equipment, which allows it to increase its refining capabilities to 170 thousand tons annually, as well as establishing a new line of starch products and high-protein fodders. The company is awarded the “Diploma for Master Quality” at the WorldFood-2012 international exhibition for its unique, high-quality product “Syrup G65 – Texture creator for ice cream”. New local treatment facilities are commissioned. The complex uses innovative technologies and European equipment. Amylco is nominated as the “Most dynamically developing food company in the Rostov region”, as a result of a conference hosted by the business magazine “Expert South” (Эксперт Юг). Installation of additional equipment to improve production of native and modified starches takes place.
Amylco is awarded first place and wins a gold medal in the contest for the most innovative product at the “PRODEXPO-2013” conference. The company is rated as first most dynamically developing food companies in southern Russia. The investigation was conducted by the media holding group “Expert”, sponsored by the Department of Investment and Entrepreneurship in the Rostov region. As a result of the investigation conducted by the Russian “Superjob” employment network, Amylco LLC. is categorized as an “attractive employer (2013)”. The commissioning of new water post-treatment fields takes place at Amylco. This allows the plant to purify its waste water even more effectively than before, and makes it more eco-friendly.
Amylco participates in the international agro-food exhibition “Green Week 2014” in Berlin, Germany.